Simple Meditation Bodhi Seeds Bracelet

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Many Buddhists use the bodhi seeds for their meditation to reach the ultimate enlightenment. These seeds have a special meaning to all seekers of spiritual wisdom, as those were the ones who helped enlightened Buddha.  Want to give it a try? You can start with this Simple Meditation Bodhi Seeds Bracelet.

Considered to this day a divine tree throughout Indian lands, the Bodhi tree has always stood for the awakening of a human being's spirituality. With the unique and stylish Simple Meditation Bodhi Seeds Bracelet, you can carry a piece of this tree with you while you make your journey through your own spiritual awakening. It is said that Buddha once rested beneath this tree while obtaining his own enlightenment, naming the tree "Bodhi" after his experience. Many enlightened practitioners choose these seeds for malas, a traditional garland used for prayer and meditation in an attempt to absorb the lessons and teachings within each Bodhi seed.    

Materials: bodhi seeds, copper, rope. Bracelet length: 17 cm, stretchy.  

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