Natural Opal Drop Necklace

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  • The Middle Ages touted Opal as a beauty enhancer. Women who wore it kept their hair from graying or falling out. Interestingly enough the “never fade” quality also pertained to relationships. And for those latent hippies out there, Opal was the original “mood stone”. The colors supposedly change depending on your emotions. So, take a peek. Are you in your “blue phase” or “in the pink”?
  • Opal, as believed, also bears generous, noble energy. It is a stone of charitableness. Those with selfish spirits find that being around Opal makes their aura literally itchy. If you’re carrying an Opal and notice someone getting unusually anxious – suspect their intentions.
  • Overall it’s a beautiful stone. And the beautiful necklace. Perfect not only for spotting someone's suspicious intentions but also for wearing it on any occasion.
  • Opal is Libra birthstone. 

Materials: alloy/opal. Necklace length: 45 cm.  Pendant size: 26*17mm(Irregular) 

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