Mermaid's Tear Necklace

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Along with unrivaled beauty, myth depicts mermaids with heart-stoppingly luscious voices. They are matrons of enchantment, entreating sailors with beguiling beauty, grace and mesmerizing melodies.

This beautiful necklace features a pendant that represents a mystical mermaid's tear. There are so many legends about mermaids and their tears, here are our favorites: 

  • Mermaids are included in the Shanhaijing (Classic of Mountains and Seas) compilation of Chinese geography and mythology, dating from the 4th century BC. A 15th-century compilation of quotations from Chinese literature tells of a mermaid who "wept tears which became pearls" 
  • Aquamarine is the gemstone of the sea, and it’s supposed to be a cherished object for mermaids. In addition to being treasure, people once believed this gemstone came from the tears of mermaids, and it used to be thought had the power to protect sailors when they were at sea, or when they fell into the water.

Now you can own your own precious Mermaid tear in the form of this necklace. 

We bet it will look stunning on your neck. So if you love mysteries, legends and beautiful handcrafted jewelry pieces with a story behind - here's a perfect one for you. 

Materials: alloy, glassNecklace length: 45+5 cm. Pendant Size: 10*14 mm. 

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