Chinese Cloisonne Bodhi Seeds Mala

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Many Buddhists use the bodhi seeds for their meditation to reach the ultimate enlightenment. These seeds have a special meaning to all seekers of spiritual wisdom. 

Known as the divine tree that Buddha once rested under the moment he achieved his enlightenment, the Bodhi tree is renowned to this day as the ultimate vehicle for enlightenment. With the Chinese Cloisonne Bodhi Seeds Mala, you can carry a piece of this sacred type of tree with you wherever you go on the search for your own spiritual awakening. Every Bodhi seed helps to bring mindfulness and wisdom to the wearer to help them on their spiritual path. The cloisonné method of creating this beautiful string of bodhi seeds promotes a classic style of jewelry that will retain its timeless value for a lifetime.

Materials: bodhi seeds, copper, rope. Bracelet length: 17 cm, stretchy.  

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