About us

FabBeat is an online store that allows you to shop for natural stones and zen items, that boost your vitality and infuse your life with healing positive energy.

Along with the selection of handpicked handcrafted healing items enjoy super friendly customer service and insured international shipping.

What else should you know about us? 

 We think you are AWESOME and FABULOUS.
We believe that you deserve much more fun shopping experience with lot's of respect and care, personal discounts, and valuable content about chakra healing, birthstones, and natural crystal powers! 
 We believe in good deeds and the good energy  - that's why our main focus are the natural crystals and zen items. 

Those three statements are pretty much the core of FabBeat concept and the reason why the company appeared. 

Thank you for the inspiration and let us serve you, please! 

Whatever you have in mind to share or ask just reach us out here.

We’ll try to respond ASAP.

FabBeat 825 Dawson Dr Newark, Delaware 19712 US
sales @ fabbeat.com