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If there is one iconic item that people often identify with a Buddhist practitioner, it must be the “Mala”, commonly called “Buddha Beads”.

In the simplest of terms, a Mala is a series of beads on a string that is used to help a practitioner maintain “single-mindedness” when practicing. Typically the practices in which a Mala is used are: reciting sutras (“sermons”, typically by the Buddha), mantras/chanting, samatha meditation (in Theravāda), and reciting the Buddha’s name (or a future Buddha, such as Amitabha).

This bracelet is not only gorgeous, it’s made from the naturally occurring volcanic glass obsidian, that has numerous healing and health benefits.

Obsidian’s a protective stone and is great for removing negativity. It’s also great for releasing the disharmony like fear, anger, and resentment.  Read more about 5 healing properties of Obsidian in our blog. 

This stylish bracelet features a Guanyin Buddha. Guanyin is short for the word Guanshiyin, and this means “Perceiving the Sounds or Cries of the World”.

Materials: obsidian. Bead diameter: 1 cm. Bracelet length: 19 cm


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