3 Taurus Birthstones You Need To Take Advantage Of

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3 Taurus Birthstones You Need To Take Advantage Of

The next part of our ultimate guide on birthstones is the Taurus zodiac and the most powerful gemstones that resonate its personal traits. Like all other crystals, the Taurus birthstone holds distinct qualities that promote the well-being of its bearer. We will explore the Taurus sign and its traits, and if you are born under this sign, here are the 3 Taurus birthstones you need to take advantage of.

Taurus Traits

The twelve Zodiac signs are linked with birthstones. One of the twelve signs is the beautiful and unique Taurus, and it includes people who were born between April 21 and May 20. 

As the second Zodiac sign, Taurus is the sign of the bull. Its ruling planet is Venus, while its ruling element is the Earth. The horoscope of the Taurus is used to guide one’s personal, social and business affairs.

Like the other Earth signs of Virgo and Capricorn, the Taurus is linked with being sensitive, stable and practical. The Taurus has strong positive traits, and is very caring, a person you can rely on, ambitious, patient and practical. On the other hand, the Taurus can also be jealous, stubborn, and lazy. People in this Zodiac sign also tend to be rigid, not flexible and don’t want to be hurried in making decisions or doing things.

#1 Emerald – The Most Powerful Taurus Birthstone

The emerald is the top choice in a wide array of Taurus birthstones. It’s more attuned to the Earth element, and stands for love and wisdom. Because it clears the mind, it helps the Taurus gain wisdom in life and feel the power of love. It helps the eccentric Taurus to be selfless and balances its stubborn nature.

Emerald’s properties as a Taurus birthstone align with the sign’s inherent nature. Since the Taurus is a loyal creature that values love and friendship, this stone can enhance its faithful nature. In a way, it helps the Taurus connect to people and make friends more easily.

People born under the Taurus sign are also prone to certain health problems, like impaired vision, headaches, and spinal disease. But with the healing properties of emerald, they can help to deal with such problems. In addition, the emerald can also enhance mental and emotional well-being. It’s a great help for resolving life’s issues. 

#2 Sapphire – The Second Choice for a Taurus Birthstone

Sapphire is another birthstone that you can take advantage of, since it is a time-honored birthstone for people born under this sign. It is recognized in the old Arabic, Hebrew, Roman and Tibetan calendars. Sapphire consists of varieties of Corundum, and is also referred to as Lapis Lazuli. 

The Sapphire gemstone is both beautiful and rare, and is bluish in color. In some cases, it can appear pinkish. It’s a great choice for people born under the Taurus sign, because it nurtures knowledge, purity and wisdom. It can also protect its bearer from harm and like the emerald, it can help cure eye ailments.

In addition, this gemstone brings inner peace and insight. Sapphire enlivens the Taurus soul and promotes his/her spiritual well-being. It’s a great help for the Taurus who is inclined on earthly pleasures and possessions. And because it helps clear the mind, it counters negative thoughts and feelings. Some Taureans use it to treat depression.

#3 Rose Quartz – The Third Most Efficient Taurus Birthstone 

Another Taurus birthstone that you can use is rose quartz, which is a prominent stone in Western and Hindu culture. The rose quartz is the pink variety of quartz, and its colors range from pale pink to rose red. It is believed to heal the mind and the heart and eases pain, anxiety, and fear. For the Taurus, it can help nurture love and friendship.

Rose quartz as a Taurus birthstone embodies deep spiritual energy and stands for the Feminine principle. It’s also used to heal the higher chakras, and its energy resonates within the throat, third eye and crown chakras. The rose quartz is powerful on the physical, emotional and spiritual level, and its energies bring love and compassion to its bearer.

The Taurus sign is a very special sign that is endowed with physical power, earthy and loving nature. If you’re born under this sign, wearing a Taurus birthstone can make a huge impact on your health and well-being. These stones will bring out the best in you and bring in abundance, love and good fortune.