Types of Agate and Their Meaning

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Types of Agate and Their Meaning

 Agates are fascinating gemstones, and there are many types of agate around the world. You’ll be pleased to know that their beautiful colors bring in wonder and magic to your life. In this post, we’ll tell you about some types of agate and their meaning. 

Types of Agate

Agates, in general, have a waxy and soft appearance. They are often banded, but sometimes translucent with small crystals. They come in many colors: blue, brown, clear or milky white, gray, green and pink.

Agates are grounding stones that also balance the yin and yang. They help balance our body’s energy, as well as our thoughts and feelings. The stone’s layers have a soothing effect and bring in positive energy.

Here are some well-known types of agate and their meaning:

Black Agate

Black Agate has a distinct black and brown color. It connects the physical and spirit and planes together and grounds you in reality. This type connects the heavenly chi force with the earthly chi force and brings energy into your entire hara line.

The earth chakra is most closely linked with the Black Agate. Energy transfer is its key feature, as it allows energy to flow from the head to the feet. With it, you are more aware and able to clear emotional pain. Black Agate is also a choice stone for stomach cramps, nausea and indigestion.

Blue Lace Agate

This type has light blue color. It’s a great healing stone, and its soft energy calms the mind. With it, you feel free to express blocked thoughts and feelings. This is one reason why it’s also a great stone for designers and artists. As a supportive stone, it opens the way for higher energies. 

The Blue Lace Agate is effective for opening and healing the throat chakra. It can help control your anger, and can treat infection, repair damaged cells and bring down fever. As a throat healer, it helps cure shoulder and neck and thyroid problems.

Botswana Agate 

Named after its country of origin, this stone has fine parallel lines of peach, purple and white. It stimulates the crown chakra, brings in oxygen to the body and improves circulation. This stone helps you see the bigger picture, get a positive outlook and find solutions to your problems.

This type of agate is perfect for smokers, as it can help them quit the habit. On a psychic level, it’s useful for meditation and balancing one’s psychic energy. It calms the mind and helps treat anxiety and sleeping problems. Wear this agate and you’ll soon have that serene feeling.

Dendritic Agate

This is a translucent Chalcedony gemstone with tree-like inclusions. Also known as the “stone of plentitude”, it brings fullness and abundance to all areas of life. Ancient people buried it in the fields to ensure a good harvest.

This type of agate allows for energy to flow from the chakras and outer bodies into the physical level in a downward direction. It allows the bearer to merge their being with the needs of the planet, allowing them to serve and open themselves to the Earth. In turn, this agate makes one more aware of the world and its ways.  

Fire Agate

The Fire Agate features a “fire” or play of colors that is due to inclusions of Goethite or Limonite. The deep brown crystal provides a spiritual flame. 

With this agate, energy from the spiritual outer bodies will flow into the chakras. It helps its user to realize their spiritual purpose and set positive goals in life. The Fire Agate also helps one to focus on positive thoughts and feelings. 

Agate Helps in So Many Ways 

The different types of agate can help us in many, many ways. They build self-confidence and acceptance, and help you see life in a positive perspective. Agates enhance mental function and negate the bitterness of the heart. It raises our consciousness and promotes spiritual growth. More importantly, agate promotes love, abundance, wealth, harmony and security in our lives.