Turquoise Healing Properties You Must Be Aware of

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Turquoise Healing Properties You Must Be Aware of

Turquoise is possible the oldest stone in the history of the humanity.

From ancient times it was known as an amulet for warriors, shamans and kings in many civilizations starting from Egypt, Persia, and China to Aztecs and Incas.

The name of the crystal originally comes from Pierre Turquoise, French, which translated as  “Turkish stone.” The reason is that the commerce routes that introduced Turquoise to Europe went from China through Turkey, and Venetian sellers often bought Turquoise in Turkish bazaars. 

During the 15th century, this crystal was used by medics and physicians; the believed that  Turquoise prevent the effects of taking any poison.

It was also used to deal with headaches.  Let's dive into more turquoise healing properties. 

Turquoise Physical Healing Properties 

Turquoise is a great empowering stone. It's helpful in dealing with depression, tiresome and even panic attacks.  It improves the state and functioning of digestive and immune systems and even known for it's detoxifying and anti-inflammatory qualities that reduce acidity and help the stomach, gout and even rheumatism.

  • Turquoise aids with problems of the ears, eyes, throat, neck and brain. It is useful for dealing with lung disorders and allergies.

This crystal is beneficial for the overall mood of the wearer. It introduces the sense of peace and serenity in the life of the owner. Wearing Turquoise relieved stress and restores vitality and life spirits. It gives the clearer focus on what is happiness and unhappiness. Thus it's getting easier to master both states.

Turquoise Energy Healing Properties

Turquoise is known as a purification crystal. So it dispels negativity and even clears the environmental pollutions like electromagnetic smog. It encourages self-realization and helps to improve the skills of creative problem-solving and public speaking.  It is beneficial for stabilizing the mood swings and dealing with over-reacting and self-sabotaging thoughts. 

 It is also great for decreasing the level of narcissism - it helps to look outside own wants and to be willing to hear out other's point of view. 

The turquoise enhancing connection between spiritual and physical environment  Place it on your  Third Eye area, and it will enhance your intuition and help with meditation.  Put it on the Throat Chakra, and you will be able to express your soul, finding wisdom, truth and

From the perspective of spirituality, Turquoise helpful for cleansing both the physical body and one's energy centers. It works to provoke understanding and wisdom, enhance kindness and trust.  

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Turquoise improves the skills to see all traits of ourselves, good and bad, and to unite all that information into a wholesome concept, only thus we can embrace who we are and understand that all our mistakes are only the experiences and the learning process on the way of becoming better us.

Turquoise Healing Properties meant for life 

Speaking of more helpful properties of Turquoise we should mention the workplace. This crystal promotes leadership qualities and helps to adapt to relocations or trips, which are essential for your career.

It aids in getting rid of a writer’s block and improved one's speaking abilities. So it's especially beneficial for those working in the law or taking administrative positions.

Turquoise is recommended for computer operators and accountants. As it's great for mental relaxation and beating the anxiety. It's good as a traveler's amulet. It helps to prevent accidents and protects from thieves and possible attacks.