Top properties of Baltic amber necklace for adults

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Top properties of Baltic amber necklace for adults

When mentioning Baltic amber, you most likely to think of babies. It is widely used for making teething necklaces. But there's far more vast use of this amazing stone and Baltic amber necklace for adults in particular. 

As more people are going for natural healing, there is one cure that has passed the test of time - Baltic amber. Even Hippocrates (460-377 BC), the father of medicine, reported healing properties of Baltic amber in his works, pointing out its efficiency as medicine against various diseases. Those methods, later on, were applied by scientists till the Middle Ages. Calistratus, an important Roman physician, stated that Amber protects from madness, amber powder blended with honey cures ears, eyes and throat diseases and so on. 

Baltic amber necklaces were worn In the Middle Ages to treat jaundice. It was assumed that the force of this gem could consume the yellowness of the skin and absorb overall weakness of the patient.

Why does it work?

Is all those statements and assumptions has a ground? It fact the answer is yes. Baltic amber partially (3-8%) consist of a Succinic Acid.  It's a strong antioxidant that fights free radicals.  Succinic Acid has been proved to boost neural system recovery and sustain the proper functioning of the immune system. The highest amount of the acid can be discovered in the external layer of the stone. This substance was deeply researched by Robert Kock, the pioneer of modern bacteriology and the winner of the Nobel Prize. He confirmed amber's positive influence and found out that there is no risk of the accumulation of abundant amounts of the Acid in the human organism.

  • We are surrounded by electrical devices at all time: radios, tv-sets, mobile phones, laptops, wearables - and all of those affect our body. Modern studies prove that one of the possible forms of protection from is wearing the Baltic amber necklace for adults.

Researchers discovered that the micronization of this stone improves its assimilation by an organism weakened by stress. The damaging environmental conditions dominating today block the normal flow of energy processes in body cells which influence cellular metabolism and exhaust our immune system, but the energy of Baltic amber can help to boost its renewal.

Amber ions penetrate the skin promptly, leading to overall improvement of blood circulation and muscle pains relief. So if you are conscious about your health consider wearing certified Baltic amber necklace or any other jewelry piece, like a bracelet, made of this healing stone on a regular basis. But you should be conscious about buying certified Baltic amber.

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