Top 7 Amethyst Healing Properties

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Top 7 Amethyst Healing Properties

Amethyst is one of the most precious and rare in deposit stones that boast of some incredible healing properties. It is produced in the form of purple or lilac colored crystals. Since there is a presence of magnesium and iron in its composition, it gives out an attractive violent shade. Before getting to know some of the most incredible amethyst healing properties, let’s have a glance at its extensive features.

Features of Amethyst

Amethyst derives from the quartz family. It is a semi-precious stone of light to dark purple color. This crystal is associated with the element of air and planet Jupiter. It is a stone with powerful and protective features that can shield the wearer from psychic attack.

The fact that it is a source of positive energy, it can help to relieve issues such as stress and anxiety. The gentle vibrations of this stone are very comforting. They soothe the wearer from certain negative characteristics i.e. fear, anger, and irritation. Furthermore, amethyst is a spiritual crystal that helps the wearer to enhance the quality of their life through spirituality and meditation.

Top 7 Amethyst Healing Properties

As mentioned above, amethyst gemstone boasts of some remarkable healing properties. Read on to know more about them.

#1 Alleviate Stress

One of the greatest amethyst healing properties is its ability to alleviate stress and anxiety issues. The effects of stress, anxiety, and depressions issues can lead to a disastrous state where an individual becomes incompetent to work to their full of skills. Furthermore, it also affects their ability to lead a normal life as it disturbs their sleeping pattern, thought process, and quality of life.

All the stress-related disorders can be eliminated by wearing this remarkable piece of the gemstone. The person suffering from such disorders can get back to their normal ‘stress-free’ life through the healing powers of amethyst.

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#2 Facilitates Meditation

Amethyst has proved to be one of the greatest stones for meditation and opening of the third eye. The ideal practice is to hold an amethyst stone in both the hands when meditating. It will help to achieve better visualizations and meditations.

#3 Aids in Spiritual Growth

Many experts suggest the use of amethyst due to its numerous extensive features for those who are seeking spiritual growth. The fact that it can help to enhance mental growth, vigor, and strength add up to the benefits derived from this stone.

It boasts of certain properties that accelerate the intuition development and psychic abilities of the wearer. Furthermore, it can also help to enhance the ability of an individual to seek growth and open up to new ideas.

#4 Eliminates the Blood & Breathing Problem

Other amethyst healing properties include its ability to eliminate the blood and breathing problem. The use of amethyst to quicken the process of healing of breathing disorder is quite simple. All you have to do is to put the semi-precious stone on the chest. Take the prescribed medicine from your doctor along with doing this practice; it will heal the disorder in a quick time.

#5 Defeats Fear & Cravings

Amethyst crystal helps an individual to overcome certain fear and cravings. It assistance in meditation and spirituality strengthens the mind and body. As a result, the wearer gets to lead a peaceful life without any fear and cravings.

#6 Fighting with Addictions

Among the various amethyst healing properties, its ability to fight and control the addictions makes this stone the most valuable one. In olden times, this stone was considered to be used as a remedy against the addiction to alcohol as it prevented intoxication.

#7 Alleviate Migraines

Amethyst crystal can be used to cure a migraine and headaches by using this simple healing technique. All you have to is to shut your eyes while lying down. Place the amethyst stone on the brow and attempt to relax. The gemstone will do wonders for you by eliminating the migraine with its amazing healing powers.

To cut the long story short, amethyst crystal, due to its magnificent properties, can bring in various positive changes in your life. Its positive characteristics will help you to excel in your professional and personal life and will enhance the quality of life you are living.