Top 5 Meanings of Citrine Crystal

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Top 5 Meanings of Citrine Crystal

Citrine is a yellow crystal, the proud part of quartz minerals family.
All over the years, it has been called the "mind stone," because it was believed that putting this crystal on the forehead can help to enhance psychic powers.
The origin if the stone's name is France. From French "citron" means lemon, thanks to the crystal's color.

There are not that much of Citrine's traces in ancient cultures, but it's believed to be around for more than six thousand years.
 It was used widely during the first two centuries of Rome and Greece Empires. Initially mainly as an amulet against negative thoughts, treachery, and overindulgences. 

  • Also, it was known as the "Merchant Stone" - if you are in sales, put this crystal to your cashier and see what will happen. Above all before said healers used citrine for abuse protection, self-esteem improvement and achieving the clarity of thoughts. Let's have a deeper look on modern and popular meanings of citrine crystal. 

1st Meaning of Citrine: body healing

Citrine is used to help with digestion as it is believed to be beneficial to the digestive and endocrine systems. It contributes in the process of cleaning and eliminating poisons from one's body. It also works greatly to sooth and calm the conditions of distress: it might be helpful to relieve depression and give love and joy to the wearer.

It also can influence the detoxification and circulation of blood, balance the thyroid, activate the thymus and thus improve the overall performance of the immune system.

Some healers believe that it helps keep nails skin and hair healthy and help with allergies and skin irritations, in particular, the ones that we caused by chemicals or food.

2nd Meaning of Citrine: Energy Healing

Citrine, sometimes called Happy Stone, is amazing at removing negative emotions and replacing them with positivity. Intensifying good energy and self-confidence Citrine is a great support to eliminate fears of loneliness, unworthy and worries about being judged.
  • The crystal is also known for its abilities to relieve anger, self-doubt and mood swings.The stone can assist to heal emotional traumas and any negative emotions that can lead to self-destructive behaviors. 

It lessens the sensitivity to criticism and encourages creativity. It increases self-esteem, by helping to let go of the past and move on with the positive attitude toward future, embracing new experiences.

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3rd Meaning of Citrine: Chakra Healing

Citrine's vibrant color associated with Navel and Solar Plexus Chakras. Which directs creativity and intelligence to magnify the powers of one's physical body. Its energy is a great help in manifestation.
  • When one is in a total harmony with the creative Life Force, by visualizing and projecting his or her burning desires the citrine's power will draw the desired to the person like a strong magnet. But it's important to use this energy for a good cause. Otherwise, the drawn will be an attachment and at the end bring sorrow and loss.

The gold light delivered by Citrine, also known to stimulate the Crown Chakra. That quality can be utilized to channel Crown energy to the Navel and Solar Plexus. Which allow to unite and amplify the energies of the body's perfection and intellect. It enhances clarity of thought and improves mental focus.

4th Meaning of Citrine: Interpersonal Relations

Natural Citrine is a great stone for those who are too sensitive to external energies and influences. Using the healing power of the crystal will protect the oversensitive owner's aura. It is also a handy amulet to possess in situations when you need more confidence and security.

5th Meaning of Citrine: Self Growth

Citrine is an excellent stone to have to deal with negative energies by dissipating them. It can clear undesired environment energies, whenever you are - at the office, home or car. It can also help to deal with negative energies in family relationships. Overall it's a good protector.  As citrine can help to eliminate negative energy from the aura, it is very valuable for psychic awareness, meditation, and spiritual growth. In the area of mental development, the stone improves clarity and willpower, creativity and honesty.