The 3 Most Important Rose Quartz Healing Properties

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The 3 Most Important Rose Quartz Healing Properties

The lovely Rose Quartz is a crystal of the heart and unconditional Love. It bears a soft feminine energy of peace, compassion, and comfort allowing the wearer give and receive love in the most real and proper way.

  • It was used as a love and relationship amulet long time ago, starting from 600 B.C. 

 It is believed to be helpful in attracting romance and developing a deeper bond with friends and family and even dealing with the mid-life crisis.  It is also known to be good as the protection from the nightmares and a great help to those who is afraid of the dark.  But, obviously, this beautiful crystal is much more than that. 

Rose Quartz Healing Property #1: Physical Healing

Rose Quartz may be used to heal various skin conditions, starting from burns and scars to wrinkles and acnes. This crystal stimulates the improvement of heart and

Rose Quartz stimulates the proper functioning of the circulatory system and the heart. It helps in relieving stress, and even stabilize heart rhythm. It is an amazing talisman for anyone who needs a stronger heart. 

This stone is utilized to clean the cells of the body and stimulate the detoxication process. It assists in curing adrenals and the kidneys and if you place it in the thymus area - it is helpful for dealing with lung problems and relieving coughs. Rose Quartz is also beneficial to the reproductive system and positively impacts fertility and helps mothers to recover after tough births. 

Rose Quartz Healing Property #2: Emotional Healing

Rose Quartz is also a great help for dealing with emotional stress. Especially if it related to love, relations, and romance issues.  It eliminates fear,  worry, and resentment. And when those emotions are gone the heartbroken wearer finds inner peace and it's getting easier to restore a healthy attitude toward love life.

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These crystal emotional healing qualities extend to people who are struggling to find happiness in life due to some issues from their childhood. Pink quartz helps to heal old emotional scars and restore wearers ability to love oneself and allows a person to love and feel worthy to accept love from someone in return. 

Rose Quartz Healing Property #3: Energy and Chakra Healing

Rose Quartz is a great crystal for opening the heart chakra which is considered as the doorway to the greater extent of healing and spirituality. Using Rose Quartz may give you additional comfort and focus on the areas that you need it the most - it's an amazing support it times of emotional distress, going through grief or anything else connected with relationships.

The use of healing crystals may provide additional comfort and focus energy and vibration in the areas that need it the most. Heart chakra stones can provide support in times of emotional distress, especially when dealing with relationship issues. In this situation, you may prefer to use pink stones, such as rose quartz for the heart chakra. Whenever you are wearing pink quartz closer to your heart sudden sense of balance and harmony will uplift you bringing you peace, acceptance, and abilities to move on.