Secret Bodhi Tree Meaning

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Secret Bodhi Tree Meaning

When speaking of the Bodhi tree meaning you should think of it as a wisdom tree,  the world tree. Its roots stuck deep in the waters of infinity. Winds of the Void blows its leaves and branches. It is a sheltering tree, a place where you are safe from the dragons of desire.

A long time ago the bodhi tree meaning was  "awakeness". Unless, in 528 B.C., Prince Siddartha Gautama brought a new sense of enlightenment to its leaves.

  • The tree is divine in India, and worshiped in Bodhgaya where it is believed the descendant of the same tree where the Buddha felt spiritual awakening still exist and growth.
  • Once Buddha rested under the tree and when he obtained enlightenment under its holy branches it was then called it "Bodhi" tree.  As Buddha meaning is the "enlightened one" and Bodhi - "enlightened."
  • This story led to the fact that many spiritual practitioners use an "enlightened" seed for their malas,  inherent the essence and teachings within each seed.

10 – 12 mm in diameter on average bodhi seeds are getting dried, drilled and then gathered together on a string. Durable, and quite smelly when new, they obtain a nice patina after some time of handling and make great beads for meditation, prayer or mantra counting. 

Many Buddhists use the bodhi seeds for their meditation to reach the ultimate enlightenment. These seeds have a special meaning to all seekers of spiritual wisdom, as those were the ones who helped enlightened Buddha.  Want to give it a try? You can start with this  Bodhi Seeds Buddhism Prayer Bracelet.                                              

Every seed brings a feel of wisdom and mindfulness on the one's spiritual path. Get bodhi seeds for your own spiritual journey to enhance the awareness and reach enlightenment. 

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