Reiki Therapy: What are the Benefits for You?

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Reiki Therapy: What are the Benefits for You?

Is there a science backing up the Reiki therapy?

The debates on the efficiency of Reiki therapy are hot. But there's still not so many researchers out there to investigate the topic. Among the findings:   The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) implemented 5 studies examining Reiki influence for people with stress, diabetes, advanced AIDS, fibromyalgia, and prostate cancer.

The study of Institute of Neurological Sciences, South Glasgow University Hospital was devoted to the investigation of autonomic nervous system changes during Reiki treatment. It confirmed that Reiki affects an autonomic nervous system. But it's was a small pilot project,  so there's more study to be held.

But the truth is - even scientific minds discover facts, the confirm Reiki efficiency. And sometimes it's even used as a complementary treatment in many modern hospitals around the world.

Reiki impacts one's body on different levels: mentally,  physically, emotionally and spiritually.  It's one of the oldest healing methods in the world, that was originated in Japan.  The core idea: to use energy to heal - and the process impacts both - the client, who needs to be cured and the practitioner.

Reiki can give the relief in case of sorrow and emotional distress. It clears and cleans the draining, exhausting emotions.

It also helps with many of physical conditions like migraine pain, sciatica or arthritis.  It can be a great to aid in soothing the symptoms and fighting insomnia, chronic fatigue, asthma, surgery recovery, etc.

 As it aids in balance medicine - treatment therapies, it also serves to reduce side-effects. For instance, patients on Chemotherapy who were given complimentary Reiki treatment were saying that they've noticed the decrease of chemo side effects.

Here are ten beneficial uses of Reiki  therapy that can aid to enhance your professional and personal lives:

  1. Reiki healing reduces tension and stress, soothes mental pressure and relaxes muscles. This is the instant effect of a Reiki session.
  1. Reiki can decrease any pain and relief can be achieved within minutes of applying the energy on the suffering area.
  1. Reiki can assist in diminishing negative mental blocks and brings acceptance of all life areas. Reiki empowers us to love and accept ourselves in the way we are!
  1. Reiki can support the protection of our mental-emotional balance from harmful external influences, like unfavorable situations. It causes more clarity of mind and decisiveness. It creates inner confidence and the ability to make the most of the least!
    1. Reiki intensifies intellectual powers. It can aid one to see the world and think with more clarity.

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  1. Reiki can make it easier to improve relationships: generate understanding and acceptance between individuals, rekindling love, etc. - even when parties included in the process are unaware of it
  1. Reiki energy regularly transmitted to important future events like graduation or marriage - assists to the success of the event.
  1. Reiki enhances our sixth sense and improves our spiritual awareness.
  1. Reiki guides us to harmony, peace, mutual understanding and accomplishment within groups of any kind - work team, classroom mates or families.
  1. Reiki helps to recover mental, emotional, professional and physical well-being. It leads to a wave of positivity that can be clearly felt by each and every person receiving Reiki treatment.