Reasons Why Root Chakra Imbalanced and How to Fix It

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Reasons Why Root Chakra Imbalanced and How to Fix It

The Root Chakra is located at the base of our spine and controls the lower part of the body. It is known as the seat of raw energy or Kundalini. From an energetic standpoint, it makes us feel safe and secure with ourselves and others. But at times, we can have a root Chakra imbalance. And overall that negatively affects our well-being. 

A Root Chakra imbalance has harmful consequences. However, there are certain crystals that can be used to keep it balanced. Let’s dig deeper.  

The Signs of Root Chakra Imbalance

Are you feeling annoyed and angry towards other people and life? You may have an over-active root Chakra. You become hostile to those who don’t agree with your views. And it also makes you too dependent. It may be dependence on other people, your job or material possessions. That makes it hard for you to accept change. People with over-active Root Chakra are very impulsive and materialistic. They believe that material things measure their value or self-worth.

On the other hand, lack of Root Chakra energy makes you feel disconnected: from your body and the world around you. Your lack organization and it reflects on the outside world. People with under-active root Chakra lack focus and discipline. And they are often afraid, anxious or restless in their behavior and interactions. In this case, we feel depressed and not inspired. It’s getting more difficult to achieve our goals. And we find that our lives have no or too little prospects.   

How to Fix Root Chakra Imbalance

We need to balance our Root Chakra to allow supportive energy to come into us. As this Chakra is associated with red color, certain healing stones help to restore Root Chakra balance. Red stones are often used to heal the Root Chakra because of their fire element and energy frequency. Red stones are used to ground us to our root. Although there are also stones of other colors that can help fix Root Chakra imbalance. 

Here are the stones to fix your root Chakra imbalance:

Red Jasper

This red stone carries a strong spiritual grounding vibration. If you wear or carry a Red Jasper, it will relieve stress and help reconnect you with Earth’s grounding energies. Red Jasper also has a cleansing effect. It eliminates negativity and returns it to its source. It also stabilizes the aura.  Rubbing it soothes the nerves and restores balance.


Garnet is a root chakra stone, and experts claim it to be excellent for manifestation. You can use it to ground your dreams in reality. Doing so will help bring abundance and prosperity to you. Garnet is a strong but gentle Root Chakra stone. It helps bring the presence of mind, especially in stressful situations. Physically, it promotes regeneration, particularly in the spine, lungs, and heart. 

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is another important protective stone for our Root Chakra. Along with being a great help for meditation, it can promote clarity of thoughts and a sense of vitality.


Hematite resonates with the Root Chakra. It encourages your survival instincts and inspires inner life. It also helps keep inward peace. Hematite enhances personal magnetism while preventing negative energies from entering the body. Also known as iron oxide, it can be red, silver, or gray. It’s also shiny when polished.


This stone stimulates and supports our self-growth. It can reveal some very displeasing truths for us. Regardless, obsidian heals the soul and is  good for past-life regression. While guiding you through this process, it can heal negative emotions and traumas from our countless past lives. At times, these negative emotions are the ones that we have never released.


Onyx provides stability and strength to your root chakra. With it, you may become more productive and grounded. It releases certain color rays to each chakra and this supportive energy helps your root chakra become more adaptable. It will help you do multiple tasks easily and help develop creative vision in the world.

Tiger’s Eye

The Tiger’s Eye is a stimulating stone. It will help you to overcome lethargy and will keep you motivated. Tiger’s Eye also speeds up our metabolism and increases sex drive.

Root Chakra imbalance influences our lives in a negative way. But it's good to know that there are certain methods to fix it. Using the power of natural crystals along with healing, and chakra balancing will help to develop a positive outlook towards life.