Lapis Lazuli Meaning in Chakra Healing

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Lapis Lazuli Meaning in Chakra Healing

 The Lapis Lazuli meaning goes back to the ancient Persian. The name of that crystal itself comes from the word 'Lazur' which, if to translate from Persian means 'blue stone,' as the genuine Lazuli Stones are always of a deep blue color. 

We've already covered five important Lapis Lazuli Meanings in one of our previous articles, but today we want to cover blue stones meaning in chakra healing.  So don't stop reading to know more about it.

Lapis lazuli also often called the  “stone of truth,” because it rebuilds powerful communications abilities. It resonates with the energy of enlightenment and truth and helps a lot for opening your third eye.

That's why Lazuli stones are especially beneficial for throat chakra and third eye chakra. 

Lapis Lazuli Meaning for 5th Throat Chakra:

Linked with the blue color, the throat chakra controls several important body functions, including thyroid,  hypothalamus, and everything related to the mouth and throat. The condition of throat chakra affects one's ability to be empathetic, be decisive and speak truth.

When throat chakra is unbalanced, your body will respond in many ways. The most common include a sore throat, compulsive talking, neck ache, hearing difficulty, insensitivity, thyroid problems, etc.

That's why Lapis Lazuli is so important. Those blue stones remind us of the authority of the spoken word. Lapis Lazuli aids to promote full verbal expression, and eliminate such problems as “swallowing your tongue.” This crystal promotes truthful and clear communication when delivering information to others, including help in voicing out the anger. 

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Lapis Lazuli Meaning for 6th Third Eye Chakra:

Positioned between the eyes, Third Eye chakra is responsible for psychic power and intelligence and related to the senses of hearing and sight. If it's out of balance, you might experience the following symptoms: confusion, jumping to conclusions, lack of ability to see a bigger picture.  That's why if you want to be able to take the right decisions quickly you should take a good care of taking this chakra well-balanced.

Indigo color associated with this chakra. And that's why Lapis Lazuli can be a great help to heal it.

Using this crystal with the Third Eye Chakra will assist you to understand things clearly. You can enhance communication skill and improve your perception.

Lapis Lazuli stimulates the psychic centers of the Third Eye. If you sense that you are not able to organize your life well - think of using healing powers of  Lazuli stones.