Buddha bracelet: why you might need one?

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Buddha bracelet: why you might need one?

First, let's define Buddha bracelet. The traditional meaning of it - is mala - prayer beads used by Buddhist for meditation. Those are very similar to any praying beads from typical for other forms of religion. 

  • Conventionally malas consisted of 108 beads, meaning the number of mankind's mortal desires. But nowadays it's quite common that this number can be divided into consecutive twos or fours, for more informality. Sometimes there's also a tassel with some talisman attached to mala for decorative purposes. 

But in this article, when mentioning Buddha bracelet, we are talking about much broader jewelry category - it can be any bracelet with buddha symbols, representing a very special meaning for a wearer. 

Wearing a Buddha bracelet helps the wearer stay positive, no matter what's going on in his or her life.  It believed to create a layer of protection from negative energies or spirits,  thus it helps you be energized and confident at all times. 

Some persuaded that wearing Buddha ornaments attracts health and luck and enhance spirituality along with peace when they are worn.

  • It's clearly stated in Buddhism that all material possessions and objects won't bring us enduring happiness and we won't normally relate buying things with spirituality. But if we purchase Buddha bracelet with the intention to strengthen our spiritual practice, that type of materialism could be defined as a form of skillful means. Those bracelets will remind us to develop more good traits like tolerance and compassion in our daily life. Thus over time, our spiritual practice will become a cause of awakening, enlightening and ever-lasting happiness.

Also, we can buy Buddha bracelet and other items with the deep spiritual meaning as a gift for others and just by the power of this gesture alone, this material object can become a significant and meaningful present to give.

Wearing Buddha bracelet, or in fact, any piece of jewelry with Buddha depicted on it, will constantly remind us to be more serene, calm, Buddha-like in all our day-to-day lives. It may inspire us to be more kind, patient, and mindful of fostering peaceful and positive thoughts.

You already know the person you would someday like to be – which is why you’ll like to know about a unique bracelet that may help you become the better version of yourself that you aspire to be.

There’s no doubt – we’re essentially energy, which is why we’re positively touched and blissfully charged by positive energies that take us to higher levels of happiness and restfulness… just as we’re negatively impacted by darker energies that drain our energy and blur our views.

And that’s where our Chakra Healing Buddha Bracelets come in, allowing you to:

·       Feel energized and vigorously balanced by the Buddha symbol – and its meaning – that the bracelet brings along and embodies

·       Keep negative energies and blurring influences away, with an extraordinary spiritual protection that you can always wear on your wrist

·       Feel stronger, safer and more confident about your life, views, expectations, plans and actions – keeping a bright shine of strength and protection all around you, attracting happiness and prosperity at all times

·       Embrace your compassionate and meditative nature, while leading a calmer and more enjoyable life 

Indeed, our Chakra Healing Buddha Bracelets aren’t just aesthetically beautiful, they’re also spiritually energizing, and they are available with different natural stones and materials for different purposes. 

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