Best 11 Drusy Quartz Healing Properties

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Best 11 Drusy Quartz Healing Properties

Since ancient times, drusy quartz has been used by people for many things. But it’s not only its shimmering quality and elegance that entices us to it. It’s the many drusy quartz healing properties that truly help us in terms of our health and well-being. 

Drusy is a type of quartz that is formed millions of years ago through crystal formation of silica. The word “druse” means “rock space”. It has become popular with stone carvers, and is made into beautiful, elegant and fashionable pieces of jewelry. Apart from this, it has certain metaphysical properties. 

Drusy Quartz Healing Properties 

Cultures across the globe have treasured this beautiful crystal, due to its physical and innate properties. Here are the best 11 drusy quartz healing properties:

  1. It has a calming and soothing effect. As you wear the drusy quartz, you will feel its positive impact as it relieves stress from your mind. This way, it helps you with your meditation. 
  1. It dispels negative energy. Drusy quartz cleanses the aura of its bearer and promotes clear, pragmatic and creative thinking. It balances any impurities within the body, mind and spirit.
  1. It brings vibrancy to your home. Feng Shui experts also have a high regard to drusy quartz as it brings positive energy to surroundings. Place it in the dullest corners of your house and you will feel a lively change.
  1. It promotes our body’s health. Drusy quartz improves circulation, boosts the immune system and fights infections. It also rejuvenates our reproductive system and sexual vitality. Drusy quartz healing properties also improve digestion and physical energy.
  1. It cures diseases. Apart from promoting body health, drusy quartz heals broken bones and cartilages and improves body posture. It is also known to cure various tooth problems and promotes healthy eating. Drusy quartz also rids the body of toxins from the physical torso and the blood. Ancient people believe that it can even blunt out the effects of a poison arrow.
  1. It heals and balances the chakras. Rekindling the body’s energy centers or chakras is one of the drusy quartz healing properties. It keeps them open and allows you to nurture your inner self.
  1. It fosters good emotions. As drusy quartz dispels negative energy, it instills hope and optimism to us. It rides pessimistic views and blocks negative feelings. Its calming effect also helps relieve emotional stress and constant worrying. Some use it to treat depression.
  1. It stimulates thinking. Drusy quartz also boosts our mental health and aids us in learning. Like our body, it elevates brain activity and clears blockages from our nerves. We can think more clearly and effectively.
  1. It keeps us motivated. As more positive energy enters us, we are much more driven towards life. Drusy quartz allows us to have a clear mind and have a good sense of self-esteem. With this, we can set positive goals and achieve a prosperous life.
  1. It enriches the soul. This powerful crystal attunes us to the cosmos and enriches our soul. It brings high vibes that uphold our sense of joy, trust, and positivity. And it also brings us in harmony with the Earth and its other brings.
  1. It brings love. As the drusy quartz brings out the best in us, it helps build and foster a beautiful kinship with our loved ones.

Drusy Quartz Colors

The pulsations of the drusy quartz are also derived from its colors, and these colors activate and balance our chakras. 

  • Violet cures the crown chakra, develops intuition and awakens the spirit.
  • Blue balances the throat and third eye chakra. It allows you to trust your inner voice and instincts.
  • White encourages faith and spiritual health.
  • Gold is for the solar plexus chakra. It upholds our personal power and brings in abundance and prosperity.
  • Silver controls and balances our thoughts and feelings.
  • Green puts the heart chakra in the right motion and brings peace and protection from emotional setbacks.
  • Orange works for the third eye chakra and helps us see the universe in a confident manner. 

Drusy quartz is not just a brilliant, multi-colored piece of crystal jewelry. It has healing properties that help us in many aspects of our lives. This crystal is not linked with a specific zodiac or a birthstone category, thus it can fit you perfectly.