Amethyst Meaning as the Birthstone

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Amethyst Meaning as the Birthstone

The birthstones are the crystals we connect with particular months. And wearing it is believed to bring luck to an owner and enhance his or her strong qualities. Amethyst is one of the most amazing birthstones out there, and those who were born in February are lucky to have it as a birthstone (Aquarius in particular) 

This crystal is a kind of purple quartz, with the name borrowed from Greek language and word “methustos” in particular, that means “intoxicated.” A long time ago it was believed to protect from alcoholism.

  • While this stone is commonly known to be purple, it can range from pink to blue, depending on the light and the stone cut.
  • Amethyst often can be found in pits of granitic rocks or geodes all across the world including the Canada, United States, Zambia, and Brazil.
  • Currently, it's one of the most popular stones among reiki healers. They were it to focus the energy. Also, amethyst is used to fix problems with blood and breathing and keeping clean and positive life energy in the house.  

Among other uses of this amazing crystal are aids to cure arthritis, insomnia and overall relief the pain. It's a great gem for lucid dreaming and meditation as it's known to bring balance, calm, peace, emotional stability and inner strength.

Emotionally, the stone is used to help heal grief. The gem has a gentle sedative energy which aids to achieve peacefulness and contentment. It also is known to cause emotional stability and enhance person's cooperation and flexibility. To be flexible when it's required is a definite indication of strength.


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Amethyst meaning as the birthstone for all born in February is truly magnificent. The month is dark and cold for most countries around the globe. That's why amethyst, gem associated with peace, stability, and courage —is the perfect crystal for those who need an extra strength and warmth this time of year.

This gem is believed to conduct the Uranus’s energy, that’s why it’s believed to be a great birthstone for Aquarius.  One of the best ways to use the energy of this stone is to wear it. It opens your crown chakra and helps you to find the truth and communicate with your Higher Self. Among all the others, this gem also brings you a powerful protection. It wards off bad self-beliefs and promotes good judgment. Great fit for Aquarius - as for once in a while they can become a bit illogical when lacking some focus, driven by their unlimited creativity.