7 Facts about Tigers Eye as the Birthstone

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7 Facts about Tigers Eye as the Birthstone

From a spiritual point of view, the Tigers Eye birthstone is the birthstone of Gemini. While it’s true that the Emerald, Moonstone, and Pearl is traditionally assigned as the zodiac’s birthstone, the Tiger’s Eye has a much deeper importance and can be treated as Gemini’s personal crystal.

Tigers Eye Birthstone Facts:

#1 Energy Balance

Tiger’s Eye stimulates the flow of life energy and balances the Yin and Yang. This warm stone has gentle vibrations that overflow from its rich golden brown colors. With its silky gloss, it combines the vibration of the Earth and Sun.

Because Tiger’s Eye is involved with energy balance, it also balances many aspects of our body and mind. It strikes a balance between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, relieves pain and soothes our anxiety. Try wearing this necklace to experience these properties. 

#2 Stone of Power 

The Tigers Eye Birthstone also gives power to its bearer. It gives the strength of conviction, courage, and safety. It also boosts self-esteem and confidence. It strengthens our will power and helps us take action and make sound decisions. Through it, we can think more clearly without being affected by emotions.

In the past, the Tiger’s Eye was carried as an amulet against ill-wishing and curses. Even ancient Roman soldiers use them for protection and grounding. 

#3 Spiritual Balance 

This birthstone helps the Gemini’s spirit to materialize its will with ease and joy. It supports us to go through life’s journeys and encourages us to make new beginnings. Tiger’s Eye preserves harmony in our lives.

Tiger’s Eye helps with our spiritual balance because it directs the flow of energy in the right direction. It helps focus our powers to achieve our goals. Therefore, you might really enjoy this bracelet

#4 Mind Power 

This magical gemstone helps you develop a clear perception of things in your life. It improves alertness, concentration, insight, and clarity of the mind. With it, you can make the right decisions. The Tiger’s Eye is also used to achieve creativity and kundalini awakening.

On a physical aspect, it balances your brain’s activities and is also used to treat mental disease and personality disorders. Because it balances Yin and Yang energies, it promotes the optimum function of the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

#5 Emotional Health 

The Tigers Eye Birthstone is also a mood stabilizer and antidepressant. It helps control our emotions and drives out negative feelings like stubbornness and defiance. If you are not confused or distressed, you can think more clearly and see your problems in an objective way. With stable emotions, you can make better decisions in life and learn when to act or wait.

This gemstone also promotes emotional health by bringing harmony and strength. A person with positive feelings will get through hardships in life more easily, without fear and anxiety. 

#6 Meditation

The Tiger’s Eye stone is also useful in meditation. To get its full effect, do your practice in a quiet place. And if possible, meditate with the stone on a sunny day. Put the Tiger’s Eye in the palm of your right hand as you calm your mind. Look at the stone with ease and without strain, and you will notice how it reflects the sun’s beams. In this way, you can get more insights from your practice.

#7 Crystal Therapy

Tigers Eye Birthstone can also be used in crystal therapy, an alternative way of treating various diseases. The stone is placed on the Plexus Solaris, and this opens our circulatory system. It will allow blood to flow more freely, take in oxygen and nutrients to our cells, and take out the body’s waste products. Tiger’s Eye can also be used in combination with other types of stones and crystals. 

As you can see, there are many facts about Tigers Eye Birthstone that benefits us in many ways. For those born in the sign of Gemini, always carry this birthstone with love. You’ll see how it makes wonders for you.