7 Drusy Quartz Healing Properties

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7 Drusy Quartz Healing Properties

A colorful mineral that fabricates various tiny crystals of quartz that add a velvety and squashy look identifies as Drusy (or Druzy – they're two common variations of the name). Though it’s not always considered to count as a quartz. Sometimes it might fall under the silver like categories of malachite, garnet, or calcite moreover dolomite. In their natural form the color of Druzy stones can vary from almost transparent, to translucent and opaque. The collective hues of Druzy are orange with the tints of red or yellow with the tone of orange. It is further believed to occur in brown, creamy white, pure white etc. Overall its mysteriously beautiful stone, that also possesses the long range of healing properties. Are you ready to learn about it?

#1. Soothe and Relax

Overall, the stone purifies and enhances the body's natural self-healing strength and spirit. It is believed to give the necessary balance to soothe the fears or depressions. Others believe that one of the drusy healing properties is to help its wearer to relax and reduce the lever of stress. That’s to start with.

#2. Joy and Empowering

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Light, joy, and harmony are brought to an environment by drusy. They possess the energy that is especially important for any spirituality related activities. Also, it can empower other crystals powers (just like rock crystal). Just wear it together or put the stone you want to re-charge on the drusy crystal for 24 hours.

#3. Finding the Inner Light

Many healers believe that drusy crystal can help to unblock the energy and help the owner to find his or her own inner light. It connects the wearer with higher powers, gives spiritual guidelines to one’s soul in order to reach the divine as well as by helping to remember the past life. It’s believed that the stone’s energy clears the channels through which the divine messages pass on thus it’s getting easier to communicate with your spiritual self.

#4. Increasing the Optimism

Drusy is a positive crystal to wear; Traditionally healers believed that it increases hope, overcome concerns and optimism. And on the other hand block the pessimism, that eliminates the energy of positive and creative thoughts. It is moreover known to bring prosperity in wearers life!

#5. Work on Your Aura

Drusy is further known to stabilize the aura that in turn provokes creativity even in the pragmatic thinking. The forces and positive energy of this crystal help its owner to develop the calm meditative state. It is furthermore believed to keep its carrier physically, mentally as well as emotionally fit to vitalize his or her lifetime.

#6. Healing Your Body

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Drusy also has numerous healing properties. It makes the circulatory and immune systems stronger and cleanses the reproductive system. It is even further acknowledged to help its master to achieve and sustain healthy eating, which is essential in order to get rid of the body toxins. It sends some positive vibes to the functioning of the endocrine system as well. And believed to improve the digestive track along with the liver, gallbladder to maintain a proper health.

#7. Chakra Balancing

Another absolutely amazing drusy healing property – its influence on all the body chakras. Since drusy is a very colorful crystal it resonates with all of them. Yellow colors tend to trip on the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is affected as a chakra of the affinity and helps its carrier to enter into a meditative state. Golden hues identify with the Sacral Chakra, helps to manage the flow of data and energy. Green tones influence the Heart Chakra for emotional peace. The orange colors turn on the third eye chakra and improve the wearer’s creativity and imagination. Purple hues are helping to balance the brow chakra. White tins are influencing the crown chakra, the root of spirituality for its carrier. And overall amazing drusy is known to balance yin/yang vivacities.