5 Important Lapis Lazuli meanings

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5 Important Lapis Lazuli meanings

Lapis lazuli is a blue mineral rock that contains a vast variety of other minerals including lazurite, calcite and sodalite. Lapis lazuli stone mining dates back 6000 years so it really is an ancient gem with lots of stories behind: Egyptians were burying a lapis lazuli scarab with dead in order to provide then afterlife protection. Greeks treated it as “ancient sapphire”. Michelangelo liked the ultramarine paint and many scientists suspect that it was possibly made of lapis lazuli rock powder. And in the modern days, this gem is still very popular among healers and overall among people who are exploring their spirituality as this stone believed to bring clarity to your mind. But there're much more meanings behind this natural crystal.

Lapis Lazuli healing meaning

Lapis Lazuli has high intensity and can open many of the chakra centers and can be used when some parts of the body need to be cleaned. Healing properties of this wonderful crystal are spread to the throat area, including the larynx, endocrine glands, and vocal cords. It's powers also believed to work well for dealing with a loss of hearing and nose problems. It helps with high blood pressure, lower back pains, nervous system disorders, migraines, inflammations, and insomnia. That’s a lot of physical healing areas to get help from the powers of this beautiful crystal!

This stone also boosts the immune system and cleanses the blood. It helps the body fight invading microbes, bone marrow diseases, and free radicals that cause cancer. It cleanses the blood, it enhances circulation and heart rhythms. 

And did you know that Lapis Lazuli properties can also fight eye infections? All you have to do is warm the stone in hot water. Gently place and rub it over your eye. Let the water used to soak the stone cool down, then wash your eye with it.

Lapis Lazuli spiritual meaning

Modern Buddhists believe that carrying Lapis Lazuli can help to find the inner peace and get rid of negative thoughts. Clear vision, good judgments and wisdom – those are the qualities that got enhanced when you are wearing this stone. Another spiritual meaning of Lapis Lazuli is an ability to build a connection with a guardian angel for encouraging your spiritual journey and getting better guidance for making the right decisions while you are in an altered state. In Feng Shui this gem represents a water energy – quiet and still, but strong and purifying. This energy represents rebirth, the circle of life and provides the support during the ups and downs in life and career.

The Lapis Lazuli meaning is also derived from mindful practice. People in ancient Egypt believed that the deep gold flecks in this blue crystal stand for the stars in the heavens, and practicing mindfulness with it will improve their lives.

One of the best Lapis Lazuli properties is that it helps a person relate with the mind through images. It helps connect you to the spirit plane, making you more aware and insightful. If you wear it as a pendant, it will help you gain knowledge as you go about your spiritual journey.

Lapis Lazuli practical meaning

Wearing Lapis lazuli bracelet will be beneficial for are helpful in problem solving, intellectual analysis and coming up with new ideas. The presence the gem put your mind in a learning mode, make you crave for a new knowledge. It’s believed that this blue mineral enhances the ability to understand and remember new things. That’s why some believe that it can be especially useful for inventors, psychologists, lawyers, executives and writers of all sorts.

Another practical Lapis Lazuli meaning is its power to protect its bearer. Symptoms of psychic attacks include a sudden change in your character, constant negative thoughts, sudden fatigue and depression, and ongoing misfortune. You may also hear strange voices, feel threatened or angry for no reason. Some people even have nightmares, mood swings, and intense fear. 

This stone can help detect psychic attacks. And if you are indeed attacked, it will block the negative energy and spirit and send it back to the source. In turn, you will feel more positive, secure and full of energy.

Lapis Lazuli chakra meaning

Lapis Lazuli is very beneficial for the Third Eye (brow) and Throat chakras. When the brow chakra is balanced our thoughts and internal communications are much more clear and our judgments and interpretations are improved significantly. At the throat chakra the voice of the body is hidden – so it’s very important to keep it balanced as well. Promoting clearer vision and understanding through intuition, Lapis Lazuli allows balancing the function of the thyroid and hormones in to stave off depression thus making quite a powerful substance to align the emotional, etheric, and spiritual bodies all in one go. If you want to learn more about healing your chakras with Lapis read this comprehensive guide. 

Lapis Lazuli properties are important in opening your throat chakra. Our words, both written and verbal, show who we really are. Our Throat Chakra becomes clogged when we are not being honest with ourselves or others. If you wear this stone, it will help you to be more open and able to speak your mind.

The Lapis Lazuli meaning can also be felt on the Third Eye Chakra. Our brain becomes clouded as we get older. Wearing the stone will decrease this clouding effect, allowing you to think clearly and make sound decisions. Placing the stone on the Third Eye also helps you focus on your breathing during meditation.

Lapis Lazuli emotional and self-development meanings

Lapis Lazuli is a gem of truth as it inspires honesty in all forms of communications – both oral and written. So the powers of this stones can be easily used to deal with furious teenagers or people with the attention-deficit disorder to increase their calm, and promote loving communication. Consider wearing a necklace with this stone if you want to get so help with the constructive self-expression, improves overall social skills and friendship. Personal limitations are more readily and easily spotted by the people wearing this crystal, so the best areas for personal development are also recognized and taken into action.

You can also find the Lapis Lazuli meaning on healing broken relations. It allows us to be more loving and honest about ourselves and others. Love is a two-way street, and it strengthens marriage. You may start to understand your spouse better and form stronger bonds with your partner. 

It dispels the ill feelings we often tend to feel in our long-term relationships. Often our fears or feelings of awkwardness disappear the longer we wear this stone. As we attain inner peace, the stone lets love in our lives.