5 Facts About Acupuncture Bracelets

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5 Facts About Acupuncture Bracelets

Because acupuncture has been around for a long time, there are many different forms that it can take. Originally a Chinese healing practice, the art of acupuncture deals with stress and tension through placing pressure on certain parts of the body. Different kinds of stones are ground into shapes and sharpened needles, and these devices served different purposes. Because of the success of this therapeutic practice, acupuncture became very popular. Nowadays, we have acupuncture bracelets that imbue us with the same healing effects. Bracelets focus on one particular pressure point because of its impact. The P6 points of the inner wrist are one of the most important pressure points in acupuncture because they relieve sickness, which makes bracelets ideal.

Fact #1: The Bian Stone is best for motion sickness, nausea, and similar ailments.

Acupuncture bracelets come in different stones, because stones influence the type of healing power the bracelet has. Bian stone is commonly used in acupuncture bracelets to help with physical sickness, like an upset stomach or digestive distress. By placing the Bian stone acupuncture bracelet on the P6 point, you can relieve your nausea and diarrhea. Want to give it a try - check this Natural Bian Stone Healing Bracelet. 

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 Fact #2: Synthetic alternatives aren’t any good.

It should come as no surprise that synthetic alternatives for bian stone acupuncture bracelets are ineffective. The synthetic material doesn’t have the same impact on the pressure point as the real stone does, and because of this, these types of bracelets don’t have the healing potential.

Fact #3: Wearing acupuncture bracelets is good for PMS.

When you’re suffering from the symptoms of your upcoming menstrual cycle, the last thing you might think about is wearing a bian stone acupuncture bracelet, but the truth is, it could be really helpful. Because it’s commonly used to relieve nausea, the stone helps heal the lower abdomen’s organs. The acupuncture bracelet relieves cramps and bloating, and it can help you regulate your bowel movements.

Fact #4: Bian stone acupuncture bracelets have natural infrared rays.

These stones actually produce infrared rays, which are great for your health. They increase the activity of water particles, and they enhance the oxygen levels in the blood. By wearing this kind of acupuncture bracelet, people can have better blood circulation and a higher metabolism. 

Fact #5: Acupuncture bracelets are great for overall health.

Because they can keep you from feeling sick and decrease your odds of disease, bian stone acupuncture bracelets are really beneficial for your health. You can fully enjoy therapeutical effect by wearing this Bian Stone Acupuncture Lotus Seeds Carved Bracelet.